Visiting Indian movie stars laud ‘beautiful, incredible’ Turkey

Turkey’s culture minister meets top Bollywood artists Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan in Istanbul

Two leading movie stars from India called on Turkey’s culture and tourism minister in Istanbul on Friday.

Mehmet Nuri Ersoy met Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan, who are shooting for a film in Turkey, at the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul’s Besiktas district.

Speaking to reporters, Ersoy said India’s Bollywood film industry has shown a growing interest in Turkey, with several major production companies coming to the country for their projects.

Kaif, a decorated actress with dozens of films under her belt, said Turkey was one of the countries she has come to love.

“It’s definitely a beautiful place. The people are very kind and friendly. The hospitality, the food, the sights have an incredible ambiance and energy. That’s why it’s definitely one of my favorite places to shoot movies,” she said.

Khan, a Bollywood veteran who is among the most popular Indian actors, shared that it was his second time shooting in Istanbul and he was very pleased to be back in Turkey.

“I love the people and places here. That’s why we’re back. It’s really nice when people are hospitable. I hope to come here again very soon,” he said.

Turkish television industry ‘has come a long way’

The minister hailed the progress made by Turkey’s television industry in recent years.

He said the industry “has come a long way” and Turkey now ranks second in the world after the US in the number of TV series broadcast globally.

Ersoy also spoke about Turkey’s appeal as a shooting location, saying that every city and region has its own attractions.

“In the past few years, Turkey has been promoted very well around the globe, and we are seeing more international production companies coming here for their projects,” he said.


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