Voltran App, a local startup that aims to be the second school for students, received an investment of $3.35 million

Aiming to be the second school for every student, Voltran received an investment of $3.35 million.

Today, we would like to talk to you about a new educational technologies platform, Voltran App, and their newly completed investment round. Voltran App is a platform that brings together the best college, science and Anatolian High School teachers and their different types of content with students.

Founded by Buket Ogutler, Hamed Hamedi, Anil Kincioglu and Berk Kincioglu, Voltran App has officially announced that it has received an investment from Riza Kaya and Burak Ersan with a valuation of $3.35 million.

The startup, which has increased the number of registered users from 81 to 66,000 since its beta version in June 2021, and increased its audience retention rate (‘Retention’) from 7% to 80%, currently has 79 teachers registered on its platform. In the initiative, which has increased the number of monthly active users to 13,000 in recent months, these users spend an average of 7 hours and 30 minutes per month.

Reaching a good education is the most important birthright of a person and obtaining this right is through access to good teachers and quality content. However, right now, good teachers and their content in different formats (live lesson, test, lecture notes, etc.) are scattered among schools, courses, publishing houses and digital platforms. Therefore, as it is clearly seen during the pandemic process, it has become very difficult for a student between the ages of 5-18 to access good teachers and content suitable for his level, or this has become a problem that can only be solved by spending a large amount of money. Voltran App focuses on the inequality of opportunity problem created by this situation on the student side.

When we look at the teacher side, we see that teachers who are ‘content producers’ in the education sector receive the least share from the income of these contents when compared to other stakeholders. For this reason, teachers work in more than one institution and constantly need additional income. This situation reduces the quality of education, creates a disadvantageous situation for both the teacher and the student, and prevents teachers from reaching the opportunities they deserve.

Voltran App, which brings together the teachers working in the best schools and the content of these teachers with students, make the process of students’ access to good teachers and quality content much faster, cheaper and more efficient, while ensuring that teachers, who are content producers, receive the income they deserve with the “income sharing” model. In this way, they aim to eliminate the intermediaries between the teacher and the student and to reduce the inequality of opportunity that exists for both sides in education.

The ultimate goal of Voltran App, which wants to be the second school for every student in the world, starting from Turkiye, is to eliminate the inequality of opportunity in education and enable people to reach their true potential through education.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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