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Warning to citizens about real estate frauds while searching for housing: Have an interlocutor

TEMFED Deputy Chairman Taflan said, “People who want to rent or buy a house in another city should ask a relative living in that city to go to the place where the house is located and see and examine it.”

Ayhan Taflan, Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Federation of All Real Estate Agents (TEMFED) and President of Trabzon Builders, Realtors, Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chamber (TINEMOD), warned citizens not to be defrauded while searching for housing on real estate portals.

Taflan stated to the AA correspondent that there was a significant increase in housing rents both in Turkey and in Trabzon, adding that the rates of increase vary according to the regions of the provinces.

Explaining that he has various services related to both his colleagues operating in the construction sector and real estate consultants in the real estate sector, Taflan said, “Since our aim is to protect and protect the rights of not only the tradesmen, but also the consumers, we continue our service without making the tradesmen and consumers suffer whatever is required within the framework of the legislation and laws.”

Stating that Covid-19 affected all occupational groups in the world, Taflan said, “There was an incredible stagnation due to the fact that students could not go to the provinces they won and schools were closed. As the construction and real estate sector, we have experienced these problems in general in Turkey. Our hope is that this pandemic will end as soon as possible.”

Pointing out that there has been a decrease in housing sales in the last 2 years, Taflan said, “We also had very important days in terms of hygiene due to epidemic measures in housing rentals. Taking care of the houses, organizing them and making the presentations caused a sectoral problem. The houses were empty for a long time. There was no eclipse, it remained idle.”

Taflan stated that there has been a lot of activity among those looking for housing due to the opening of schools and universities, as well as the appointment period and weddings.

“With the exorbitant increase in rents, the fact that these people, whom we call labor thieves, who are unofficially doing the real estate profession, step into the sector, can also make the consumer suffer.” Taflan said, “In some real estate portals, social media and social media, they take a picture of a house, view it and share it there, but the picture does not match the reality.”

Beware of deposit scam

Taflan, who gave an example of the scam, said:

“We do not come across such jobs in our colleagues who work officially in Trabzon. However, to give an example, real estate is in Trabzon, but when the consumer tries to buy or rent that house in Istanbul, he evaluates it by looking at the pictures on social media. There is an interlocutor on the other side for that moment. The person he talked to on the phone demands money under the name of a certain amount of deposit to his account number. The citizen sends it to the person he believes on the phone. After a while, the number he called could not be reached, both the money he deposited under the name of deposit is wasted and there is no house in the middle.”

Advice: “Have an interlocutor”

Taflan also gave the following advice to those who want to rent or buy a house:

“I especially recommend this. People who want to rent or buy a house in another city should definitely go to the place where the house is located and ask them to see and examine it. There are many consumers who suffer from this issue. When we look at the real estate sector, there is an imaginary photo. Maybe it was really taken from a construction, a house, then it is used on social media. But everything turns out wrong. Do not trust such people and definitely have an interlocutor. Consumers should be conscious, never go to the bookkeeping business and transfer money to anyone without clarification of the house with remote telephone traffic.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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