Weekly Investment Performance: Stocks Decline, Euro Rises, Gold and Dollar Drop

BIST 100 Index Falls 1.15%, While Euro Shows a Slight Gain Against Lira

This week saw a mixed performance across various investment instruments. On the Borsa Istanbul, stocks experienced a weekly average decline of 1.15%, with the BIST 100 index closing at 10,647.91 points, down from its previous close. The index fluctuated between a low of 10,486.70 and a high of 10,824.21 points during the week.

In the precious metals market, the price of 24-carat gold per gram fell by 0.24%, ending the week at 2,452 lira. The selling price of Republic gold also saw a decrease, dropping by 0.67% to ₺16,200. Additionally, the price of a quarter gold coin declined from ₺4,090 to ₺4,066.

Currency markets showed minor fluctuations. The US dollar dipped by 0.05%, settling at 32.8170 lira, while the euro saw a slight increase of 0.02%, rising to ₺35.1220.

Investment funds performed positively, with an overall gain of 0.51%, and individual retirement funds increased by 0.39%. Within investment funds, “Debt Instruments” and “Money Market” funds were the top performers, each achieving a gain of 0.94%.

Source: / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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