Where Does BIST 100 Stand in Year-End Expectations for 2024?

BIST 100 index is on investors’ radar with expectations for 2024; Foreign investor interest and economic indicators will determine the direction of the index.

BIST 30 and BIST 100 have increased by 39% and 37.7%, respectively, since the beginning of the year in TL terms, becoming the 3rd and 4th stock exchanges with the highest returns among the world stock exchanges. BIST 30 and BIST 100, which maintained their 3rd and 4th positions in dollar terms, provided returns of 27.5% and 26.42%, respectively.

The expectation that foreign investor interest will continue and rating increases are seen as positive catalysts for BIST 100 in the medium term. However, one of the biggest questions on investors’ minds was whether there would be any changes in index targets and model portfolios since the beginning of the year.

Source: Bloomberght / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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