Winfluencer, which digitizes the cooperation processes between influencers and brands, received an investment of ₺2.5 million

Winfluencer, which automates collaborations between influencers and brands and is positioned as a marketplace focused on influencer marketing, received an investment of ₺2.5 million.

Winfluencer, which automates the Influencer cooperation processes of brands by using technology, received an investment of ₺2.5 million from an angel investor group consisting of experienced business people, including the managers of global technology companies.

Winfluencer, which focuses on the earnings model in the cooperation of e-commerce sites and influencers, differs from its competitors in the market in terms of providing a measurable system with instant reporting and providing transparency and reliability by integrating into the infrastructures of e-commerce sites.

Drawing attention to the fact that Winfluencer’s power from technology reduces the agreement processes that take days to minutes, Winfluencer co-founder Funda Yener emphasized that they have established a fully automated marketplace where e-commerce sites and influencers can cooperate by signing a single contract.

Signing agreements with influencers one by one increases operational workloads and the budgets allocated cannot be fully estimated. On the other hand, nano and micro-influencers with few followers cannot match the right campaigns. Stating that Winfluencer can offer solutions to the concrete problems of the market, Funda Yener pointed out that mega-influencers shorten their brand cooperation processes and that they can safely combine the power of hundreds of thousands of nano and micro-influencers with e-commerce sites.

E-commerce sites that want to cooperate with influencers can easily create campaigns in Winfluencer. E-commerce sites, which also set a commission per sale, pay the commission rate determined when the sale is completed through influencers. In this way, while brands can measure campaign efficiency, influencers can match more campaigns and track their earnings instantly.

Winfluencer, which was founded by an experienced team who has been a manager in corporate life, aims to accelerate its journey to become a world brand with an investment of ₺2.5 million received from angel investors, including the managers of global technology companies. Funda Yener stated that they created a marketplace that allows hundreds of thousands of collaborations by freeing influencer marketing from manual processes, and shared her thanks to the Winfluencer team, investors, ITU Cekirdek and ITU Cekirdek stakeholders.

Funda Yener also received the Women Entrepreneur Award from Petrol Ofisi, one of ITU Cekirdek stakeholders, at the Big Bang 2022 stage.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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