World crude steel production returns to growth in May

Steel output for 71 countries reporting to worldsteel hits 165.1M tons, a record of over 14 months

Global crude steel output rose 1.5% annually in May, in a reverse from two months’ decline, data from the World Steel Association (worldsteel) showed on Friday.

Steel output for 71 countries reporting to worldsteel hit 165.1 million tons, marking the highest level since March 2023, the figures showed.

Top global steel producer China saw a 2.7% year-on-year increase to 92.9 million tons in May,while India produced 7.2 million tons of crude steel, falling 6.3% from last year.

Output fell in the US by 1.5% to 6.9 million tons, as well as in Russia by 0.9% to 6.3 million tons.

Türkiye, the world’s eighth-largest crude steel producer, posted a 11.6% surge in May, totaling 3.2 million tons.

Since the beginning of the year, production across 71 countries totaled 793.2 million tons, slight down by 0.1% from last year.

Source: aa

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