Yapısoft, a Real Estate Software Innovator, Launches Second Crowdfunding Campaign with ₺4 Million Target

Yapısoft, an innovative startup providing software solutions for the construction and real estate industry, has embarked on its second crowdfunding campaign on fonbulucu, aiming to raise ₺4 million. The company has already garnered ₺5.7 million in pre-demand from 982 investors and is offering 6% of its shares in this round. The minimum investment is set at ₺100.

Yapısoft delivers digital solutions for managing sales, after-sales processes, and tracking customer and financial records in the construction and real estate sectors. In its first investment round in May 2022, Yapısoft raised ₺2 million from 799 investors, enabling the development of products like Yapısoft SalesOffice, Yapısoft FinanceOffice, Yapısoft Stream, and Yapısoft Estate (YES).

With this second investment round, Yapısoft aims to raise ₺4 million by offering 6% of its shares to investors. The first 14 days of the campaign, which started on May 24, will be open exclusively to existing partners. If the target is not met, the funding round will then be opened to new investors.

Yapısoft projects a gross profit of $3.3 million by the end of 2028. The company swiftly completed its first investment round in just 73 hours. Post-funding, Yapısoft finalized the SalesOffice and FinanceOffice software with multi-language and currency options and launched the Yapısoft Stream (digital signage) product. The Yapısoft Estate (YES) software, aimed at real estate professionals, has completed its planning, branding, and infrastructure development, with marketing efforts initiated in October 2023. YES aims to enhance communication between producers, salespeople, and buyers and plans to expand into global markets after the second funding round.

Yapısoft CEO Ceyhun Sezer Coşkun commented on the new crowdfunding round, stating, “We aim to grow rapidly in the construction and real estate sector and establish a global presence with the technological solutions we have developed. This investment tour will support the marketing activities of our YES brand, positioning us as Turkiye’s largest domestic real estate software brand within three years.”

Coşkun also highlighted that crowdfunding is a powerful tool for introducing their business to the community, gaining support, and reaching large audiences.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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