YEBO, the domestic delivery robot developed by Yemeksepeti with Speedy Market, started service in Akmerkez

YEBO, the autonomous robot of Yemeksepeti, which brings the delivery models of the future to life today, is now in Akmerkez. With the 2.0 version developed as software, YEBO can use an elevator and can carry more products at once with the new chamber added.

Yemeksepeti launched YEBO, which it had previously implemented in Caddebostan and later in Akasya, in an indoor version, in Akmerkez, one of the elite shopping centers of Etiler. The autonomous robot YEBO, which receives the orders given to the contracted restaurants in Akmerkez, undertakes the task of delivering it to the field worker from the door.

With its new software, YEBO is now much smarter

With the project implemented in cooperation with Saha Robotics, Yemeksepeti’s environmentally friendly and innovative delivery robot YEBO serves restaurants in shopping malls with its 2.0 version, with enhanced capabilities. Standing in the waiting area of the dining floor in Akmerkez, YEBO goes to the front of the restaurant and waits when orders are placed at the contracted restaurants through Yemeksepeti.

Thanks to the two chambers in the robot, YEBO can carry much more packages at once. After the restaurant attendant who enters the PIN code uploads the order to YEBO, YEBO uses the elevator to go down from the dining floor of Akmerkez to the ground floor. The Yemeksepeti field staff, waiting at the door, selects the name of the restaurant on the screen, enters the PIN specially defined for him, opens the hopper and receives the order. Thus, it does not waste time by entering the shopping mall and receiving the order.

Autonomous robot can use elevator

Equipped with the latest hardware and software technologies, YEBO stops when an object or living thing comes in front of it and finds its way easily thanks to its advanced sensors. When the elevator needs to be used, it sends the floor information to the electronic card developed by Saha Robotics and integrated into the elevator cabin, and transmits a call signal to the elevator. Through the elevator card, it can read information such as the floor of the elevator, the occupancy rate and the moment of opening and closing of the door. It communicates with the elevator constantly and gets on when it comes to the floor it is on, and when it comes to the floor it will go, it descends and proceeds to the target location.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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