Yildiz Holding: A new technology investment company was established under Gozde Girisim

Gozde Girisim, one of the Yildiz Holding companies, established a new technology investment company as a result of the decision taken by the board of directors on March 1. The name of the new company was Gozde Tech Ventures Technology Inc. The company plans to invest in approximately 10 startups in the first place, reaching an investment size of $20 million in two years.

The vision of the new company, which will be chaired by Yahya Ulker, will be to evaluate new business methods and opportunities that have undergone a great transformation in the world in parallel with the developments in the field of technology, and to evaluate investment opportunities for domestic and foreign initiatives that take the lead role in this field. Gozde Tech Ventures will focus mainly on SaaS (Software as a Service), gaming, financial technologies, blockchain, artificial intelligence, mobility, educational technologies, marketing technologies and e-commerce sectors.


Gozde Tech Ventures, which plans to invest in approximately 10 startups in the first place by reaching an investment size of $20 million in two years, aims to reach up to 10% of Gozde Girisim’s total asset size in the long term and to become one of the important venture capital players of the sector.

Yahya Ulker, Chairman of Gozde Tech Ventures, made the following statement regarding the establishment of the company:

“The main purpose of our newly established company is to support new ventures that need capital, to grow together with them, to support pioneering initiatives in our country and around the world, to put Yildiz Holding’s knowledge and experience in the field of venture capital into the service of these new ventures and to carry them globally.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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