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ZES is increasingly providing electric vehicle charging stations in 420 locations at 81 provinces

Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES), one of the biggest investments made by Zorlu Energy to implement new generation technologies, is providing a remarkable service with electric vehicle charging stations in 81 provinces and more than 420 locations.

According to the statement made by Zorlu Energy, ZES is serving more than 710 vehicles at the same time while maintaining its leadership in the sector with its market share.

Zorlu Energy is moving towards becoming ‘the energy company of the future’ with the new generation technologies it has implemented, and it is continuing to benefit the widespread of electric vehicles by providing electric vehicle charging stations. 

With the latest investments, there are electric vehicle charging stations of ZES in 81 provinces and more than 420 locations also 710 sockets have been reached.

Sinan Ak, Zorlu Energy’s CEO, said that they closely follow the electric vehicle market with the ZES brand. And with the increased usage of these vehicles in Turkey, they made the necessary investments regarding charging stations, he added.

Ak indicated that by covering all 81 provinces of Turkey with the latest investments, they are preparing Turkey’s electric vehicle infrastructure. He stated: 

“Thus, we provide uninterrupted driving pleasure to electric vehicle drivers in our country. In addition, while the energy sector is rapidly advancing in the lane of electrification, digitalization, and automation, we are rapidly adopting decarbonization-oriented business conduct as a step to combat the climate crisis. We are fulfilling our responsibility in this area. We have completed our infrastructure works to a great extent, we are now looking forward to seeing electric vehicles being used more extensively in our country.”

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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