$3.2 billion of exports from the Turkish automotive industry

Turkiye’s automotive industry exported products worth $3 billion 172 million last month.

According to the statement made by Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB), November exports of the Turkish automotive industry reached $3 billion 172 million 87 thousand, an increase of 10.4% compared to the same month of the previous year.

The share of the industry, which ranks first in Turkiye’s exports, among sectors was 13.8%.

The automotive industry’s January-November 2023 foreign sales increased by 14%, reaching $31 billion 831 million.

In November, the highest exports were made in the “supply industry” product group with $1 billion 239 million.

“Passenger cars” exports increased by 12% to $949 million, “motor vehicles for transporting goods” exports to $499 million, “tractors” exports to $175 million and “bus-minibus-midibus” exports to $271 million, with an increase of 31%.

Most exports are to Germany, the United Kingdom and France

Exports of $433 million were recorded to Germany, the largest market on a country basis.

While the United Kingdom was the second largest market with an export figure of $306 million, automotive exports to this country increased by 25% compared to the same month last year.

Exports to France, the third largest market, increased by 0.5% compared to November 2022, reaching $297 million.

Among the important markets, there was a 64% increase in exports to Spain, 29% to Poland, 17% to Slovenia, 21% to Russia, 55% to Romania, and 56% to the Netherlands.

80% of automotive exports were to European countries

Last month, European Union countries again ranked first in exports on a country group basis with a 68% share and $2 billion 148 million. Exports to EU countries increased by 19% in November compared to the same month last year.

While other European countries ranked second among country groups with a share of 12%, exports to this country group increased by 24%.

In November, it was observed that there was a 31% decrease in exports to the North American Free Trade Area and a 38% decrease in exports to Middle Eastern countries.

Evaluating the figures, OIB Chairman of the Board of Directors, Baran Celik, used the following statements:

“Our automotive industry has achieved the highest November exports to date. This figure is also the second highest figure reached on a monthly basis in history, after $3.3 billion in March 2023. In November, exports of passenger cars, motor vehicles for transporting goods and buses, minibuses and midibuses increased by double digits. In the January-November period, our 11-month exports increased by 14% and reached $31 billion 831 million. We will do our best in December and close 2023 as the leading sector again.”

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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