4 out of 5 vehicles produced in Sakarya in the first half of the year were exported

Of the 129 thousand 416 vehicles produced in Sakarya in the first half of the year, 105 thousand 21, which corresponds to 81.1%, were sent abroad. Sakarya, which has a share of 20.3% in Turkiye’s vehicle export pie, increased its foreign sales by 1.2% compared to the same period of the previous year.

In Sakarya, which ranks 7th in exports after Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, Izmir, Ankara and Gaziantep, automotive was the sector with the highest export sales in the January-June period with 88%.

In Sakarya, which contributed 2.5% to Turkiye’s total exports in the first half of the year, the highest export was realized in the automotive field with $2 billion 429 million 5 thousand.

According to the Automotive Industry Association data, 516 thousand 121 of the 765 thousand 282 vehicles produced in Turkiye in the first half of the year were exported.

Sakarya, one of the important automotive manufacturers of Turkiye, exported 81,1% of the 129,416 vehicles it produced, 105,21 of it, abroad. Thus, realizing 16.9% of Turkiye’s vehicle production, Sakarya made a significant contribution to the country’s economy with its 20.3% share in the export pie.

Realizing 103 thousand 689 automotive exports last year in the said period, Sakarya continued its rise in foreign sales with an increase of 1.2% this year.

715 vehicles were unloaded daily

A total of 129,416 vehicles, including 101 thousand 123 cars, 938 midibuses, 669 buses, 51 pickup trucks, 420 small trucks, and 26 thousand 215 tractors, were produced in Sakarya, which hosts manufacturers such as Toyota, Otokar and TurkTraktor. During the said period, 715 vehicles were unloaded daily in the city.

While Toyota maintained its leadership in production and exports, TurkTraktor ranked second and Otokar third.

Toyota produced 101 thousand 123 passenger type Corolla, Toyota C-HR and new generation Corolla Hybrid models in the first 6 months of the year in its factory located in Arifiye district. The company sold 94 thousand 239 vehicles abroad, which corresponds to approximately 93.1% of its production.

Otokar, one of the leading companies in Turkiye’s defense industry, manufactured a total of 2,078 vehicles in this period, including buses, midibuses, pickup trucks and small trucks.

Having exported 375 vehicles in the January-June period last year, Otokar sold 931 vehicles abroad with an increase of 148.2% this year.

TurkTraktor, which produced 26 thousand 215 tractors in the same period, contributed to the economy by exporting 9 thousand 851 of these vehicles.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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