Apple might use Google Gemini to power some AI features on the iPhone

Besides using Gemini to power features in its apps and services, Google offers its LLM to third-party developers. Apple is reportedly in talks with Google to license Gemini for the iPhone.

According to Bloomberg, there are “active negotiations to let Apple license Gemini, Google’s set of generative AI models, to power some new features coming to the iPhone software this year.” Apple has also talked with OpenAI, which powers Microsoft’s AI capabilities.

Apple is specifically looking to partner on cloud-based generative AI, with today’s report citing text and image generation as examples of what Gemini could be used for. At the same time, Apple is working on offering its own on-device AI models and capabilities with the upcoming iOS 18 release.

The discussions are still underway, and it’s unclear how the AI agreement will be branded. This would be a significant expansion of the existing relationship default search engine between the two companies.

Looking at the rest of the industry, Google announced a partnership with Samsung in February to have Gemini power summarization features in the Galaxy S24’s notes and voice recording apps, as well as keyboard. Samsung is also using Imagen 2 text-to-image diffusion for a generative editing feature in the photo gallery app. Those features all require server-side processing, but Samsung is also using an on-device version of Gemini.

Google offers Gemini in three sizes, with Pro being used by most first and third-party apps. Gemini 1.0 Pro powers the free version of, while 1.0 Ultra is used in the paid Gemini Advanced tier.

Gemini 1.0 is available in stable, but Google in mid-February previewed Gemini 1.5 with a greatly expanded context window that allows for more information to be absorbed. This can make the “output more consistent, relevant and useful.”

  • Gemini Ultra: Largest and most capable model for highly complex tasks
  • Gemini Pro: Best model for scaling across a wide range of tasks
  • Gemini Nano: Most efficient model for on-device tasks

Source: 9to5google

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