Arventek Secures $1.5M Investment for Project Tracking Platform in Construction and Renewable Energy Sectors

Arventek has taken an important step towards growth as a startup that develops an artificial intelligence-supported project progress tracking platform that aims to accelerate digital transformation in the construction and renewable energy sectors.

Founded in 2020 by Merve Manca and Sedat Manca as a startup of ITU Cekirdek and Teknopark Istanbul Cube Incubation, Arventek received its first round of investment at a valuation of $1.5 Million in the investment round led by SirketOrtagim Angel Investor Network.

Individual investors, including leading business angels and construction industry professionals, participated in the investment tour. This investment tour, in which experienced Angel Investor Osman Sener Sezgin, one of the SirketOrtagim Network Members, will be the leading investor, will give a significant acceleration to Arventek’s growth targets.

Arventek co-founder and CEO Sedat Manca said in his statement on the subject;

“This investment round represents an important step in our goal of supporting digital transformation in the construction industry. The inclusion of construction industry professionals in our investment tour will accelerate our global expansion strategy. We will continue our work with our vision of becoming the category leader in automatic project progress tracking.”

RemoteSite, Arventek’s core product, stands out as an artificial intelligence-based automatic project progress tracking platform. This platform allows tracking projects through 2D and 3D reality models using data collected by drones. RemoteSite allows contractors, consultants and employer teams to visualize construction projects in real time, track progress and control them remotely. This technology provides cost savings by reducing errors and prevents disputes, allowing monitoring at every stage of projects, from the planning and design phase to the construction and operation phase. RemoteSite provides solutions to critical problems in large infrastructure projects such as solar energy facilities, railways, highways, pipelines, airports, industrial facilities and energy transmission lines.

Merve Manca, Founding Partner and CTO of Arventek, said in her statement:

“We offer our customers real-time information and strong operational efficiencies. Our efforts to develop the best technology in the industry continue. The artificial intelligence module we are developing will enable us to achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, which is critical for our customers.”

As of today, RemoteSite Platform manages the progress tracking of projects more easily, quickly and efficiently, with more than 50 corporate users in construction and renewable energy projects in Turkiye and Romania, and continues to be the pioneer of digital transformation in the construction industry.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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