Assan Alüminyum’s $90 million IFC Green Loan: Pioneering Sustainable Growth in the Aluminium Industry

Assan Alüminyum embarks on a sustainable growth journey with a $90M IFC green loan, aiming at reducing carbon footprint and enhancing production.

In a significant move towards sustainable growth, Assan Alüminyum, a front-runner in the flat rolled aluminium industry, has embarked on a multi-year investment program with a $90 million green loan from the International Finance Corporation (IFC). This initiative not only aims at reducing the company’s carbon footprint but also at significantly boosting its production capabilities.

Strategic Investments for a Greener Future

Assan Alüminyum’s ambitious investment program is set to include a variety of projects aimed at enhancing sustainability and efficiency. Among these are the introduction of a new, energy-efficient cold rolling line, the addition of new continuous casting lines, and the implementation of improved filtration systems. These measures are expected to not only modernize production processes but also substantially lower the company’s environmental impact by increasing the use of renewable energy and enhancing scrap aluminium recycling. Ultimately, these efforts will increase Assan Alüminyum’s total annual production capacity by 60,000 tons, cementing its position as the leader in continuous casting capacity across Europe and the Americas.

Green Financing: A Path to Sustainable Growth

Prior to receiving the $90 million green loan from IFC, Assan Alüminyum developed a comprehensive green finance framework. This framework, which aligns with both the Green Loan Principles and Green Bond Principles, outlines clear,measurable sustainability goals and paves the way for the company to access green financing tools. The IFC’s investment is a testament to the alignment of Assan Alüminyum’s sustainability ambitions with global financial mechanisms aimed at fostering environmentally responsible business growth.

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

Göksal Güngör, General Manager of Assan Alüminyum, emphasized the company’s dedication to sustainability, stating, “Aluminium plays a crucial role in the transition to a more sustainable future. Despite the current market challenges, we remain committed to investing in sustainable expansion.” He further highlighted sustainability, reliability, flexibility, and innovation as the company’s core values, underpining its efforts to lead in sustainability-driven activities within the industry. Assan Alüminyum’s goal is to ‘produce the future, without wasting it’, demonstrating a deep commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation.

This strategic move by Assan Alüminyum not only showcases the company’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact but also sets a benchmark for the industry in terms of sustainable practices and financial strategies. By leveraging green financing and investing in advanced, energy-efficient technologies, Assan Alüminyum is paving the way for a more sustainable future in the aluminium industry, while also expanding its production capacity to meet the growing demands of the market.

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