Brothers from Turkish city Bitlis, Exporting Sports Shoes to Balkan Countries from Their Workshop

Tüzün brothers, who migrated from Güroymak district in Bitlis to Istanbul due to financial difficulties 30 years ago, worked in shoe factories for 15 years. Later, they decided to return to their hometown, establishing a sports shoe production workshop to contribute to employment.

Despite three decades passing since their migration, the Tüzün brothers have not forgotten their homeland. Their aim is to repay their gratitude and make a contribution to employment. Utilizing the insurance incentives provided by the government, they opened a sports shoe production workshop and a retail store on a thousand square meters in Tatvan district, Bitlis. They also created job opportunities for 25 people.

The workshop produces around 360 pairs of sports shoes daily. The meticulously packaged products are not only sold in the domestic market but also exported to Balkan countries and Azerbaijan.

Vision for Future Expansion

Veysel Tüzün, speaking to AA, mentioned that they returned to their hometown in 2023 after leaving Istanbul in 1994. Expressing their gratitude to Güroymak, Tüzün said, “We decided to establish a factory to provide employment as a way to repay our debt of gratitude. So, we opened this place. Along with marketers, we have 25 employees working here. We sell the products we make here to the Turkish domestic market, Balkan countries, and Azerbaijan. In our thousand-square-meter facility, we produce up to 360 pairs daily. Our space feels small. In the future, if we move to a place between 3,000 and 5,000 square meters, we can provide employment for 150 people.”

Tüzün emphasized that they only produce sports shoes in the factory. “In Istanbul, we used to provide outsourcing products to the domestic and international markets. To boost sales, we plan to expand the business, increase production, and lower prices. When production is low, costs increase. To lower prices, we need to increase production,” he added.

Investing in Hometown, Encouraging Others

Tüzün mentioned that besides their branch in Sultangazi, Istanbul, they opened a second branch in Bitlis, focusing on manufacturing and wholesale. He expressed, “Investing in the homeland is a wonderful feeling. People send messages to express their thanks. Seeing that people are happy makes us happy too. I would encourage businesspeople from Bitlis to invest here. They shouldn’t worry about a shortage of workers. They can bring their experienced workers with them. Training workers here will be easy.”

Tüzün highlighted that all five siblings are actively involved in the business, working together to progress.

Rıdvan Sellincek, one of the workers, shared that he had been working in the shoe industry in Istanbul for 9 years. Upon hearing about the opening of a shoe manufacturing factory in Bitlis, he decided to return to his hometown due to economic difficulties. Sellincek expressed his gratitude to those who opened the factory and provided support.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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