Digital logistics startup Forwardie receives €1 million seed investment from Esor Investments

Forwardie, which manages international transportation processes and provides convenience to businesses by digitizing these processes, received a seed investment of €1 million from Esor Investments.

Forwardie, whose main focus is road transport, and which carries out the bulk of its shipments on the European axis, managed the transportation services of 1,200 customers in 2023. Forwardie, which also started shipping and international container transportation this year, continues to grow rapidly in these areas.

Forwardie serves as a digital logistics organizer where its customers can track their cargo live, manage their logistics processes and organize their cargo. Established with the experience of ‘freight forwarding’, Forwardie has an important added value in the digitization of the sector by digitizing the system based on phone calls and physical document/file tracking of logistics processes.

Forwardie Co-Founder and CEO Ali Efe Ogutlu said;

“We believe that the industry needs digitalization and at this point, we, as Forwardie, will shape the industry in line with the needs of our stakeholders. With Esor Investments as our investor in our seed investment tour and Opulentus Capital, which manages our investment process, joined our partners, we prepared our post-investment agenda. Our first goal after this investment round is to expand our operations across Turkiye, to consolidate our market position and to maximize the volume of cargo in the country. After this goal, we aim to start our overseas operations by expanding to two different countries in Eastern Europe and Western Europe.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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