Eksim Energy prevented 1.3 million tons of carbon emissions last year

Eksim Energy prevented 1.3 million tons of carbon emissions last year as part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions through environmentally friendly energy production.

According to the statement made by the company, Eksim Energy, whose entire portfolio consists of renewable energy power plants focused on the environment and sustainability, aims to prevent a total of 4 million tons of carbon emissions annually until the end of 2025 with its new investments.

Eksim Energy’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Arkin Akbay, whose views are included in the statement, said that it is of great importance to accelerate renewable resources in order to prevent emissions from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, and that there is a great potential in Turkiye, especially in hydraulic, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass energy production, he said:

“Renewable energy, which provides maximum social and environmental contribution with the most economical financing resources, should increase against the risk of complete depletion of resources in the very near future. At this point, as Eksim Energy, we believe that green energy is the most important power in order to prevent the negative impact of global climate change and to leave a livable world to future generations without disturbing the ecological balance.”

Expressing that they prevented approximately 1.3 million tons of carbon emissions by producing approximately 2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity last year, Akbay stated that they will implement projects that will reduce 4 million tons of carbon emissions annually until 2025, and that they have contributed to the 2053 net zero emission target in this context.

Akbay said, “With the YEKDEM incentive mechanism, our state paved the way for the growth of renewable energy capacity. We are expanding our experience, which we have increased in the power plants we built during this period, by investing in renewable energy resource areas. We offer electrical energy to our consumers from the most economical sources. We also rolled up our sleeves to commission the new solar and wind farm licenses in our portfolio. We are commissioning our new projects with an investment of $350 million for 6 wind farm licenses with a total size of 260 megawatts.”

Eksim Energy, which produced 4% of the electricity produced from wind energy in Turkiye last year and contributed 4% in the first half of this year, has 8 wind power plants in Turkiye with a total installed capacity of 464 megawatts.

The company continues to strengthen its renewable energy portfolio with 162 megawatts of installed power and 3 power plants it operates, one of which is 63 megawatts in Turkiye and two in Georgia, with a total of 99 megawatts.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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