Europe’s highway operators will meet in ASECAP in Istanbul

Istanbul is preparing to host Europe’s leading highway operators on September 18-20.

The Association of European Toll Road Infrastructure Operators (ASECAP) will host opinion leaders on highway operations in Europe in Istanbul this year, hosted by ICA, as part of the ASECAP Days Summit it organizes every year.

More than 200 international highway, bridge and tunnel operators, Turkiye’s leading infrastructure operators and leading companies in the sector will attend the 50th ASECAP Days Summit, which will be held on September 18-20.

The fact that the ASECAP Days Summit, which will determine the road transportation trends of the future, will be held in Istanbul, will move the focus of the world transportation industry to Turkiye.

At the summit, Europe’s leading highway experts will seek answers to questions such as; “How can financing transportation infrastructure help achieve equity and efficiency? What good practices are there in this regard? What are the best ways to tie finance to environmental and safety goals as an economic booster? What innovative financing instruments will attract private funds to mobility infrastructure investments?”

The only member company from Turkiye

As the first and only member of ASECAP from Turkiye, ICA stands out as the only private company in the world with 100% Turkish capital, operating in all branches of the Transportation and Logistics sector.

ICA General Manager Serhat Sogukpinar, whose views were included in the statement, stated that ASECAP membership is of great importance for Turkiye, which has a political geography connecting continents.

Pointing out that they will host Europe’s leading highway enterprises in Istanbul within the scope of ASECAP Days, Sogukpinar said, ‘At the event, we aim to raise awareness in Turkish companies about the importance of the activities of ASECAP, which is a non-governmental organization.

Among the disciplines in the transportation sector in the world, the only area whose regulation is not completed is highway. That’s why our ASECAP membership is of great importance. We are trying to establish European standards in our region. At ASECAP Days, we will contribute to determining the necessary standards for highways.’

ASECAP Secretary General Malika Seddi pointed out that the future of road transportation will be discussed at ASECAP Days 2023. Seddi stated the following:

‘ASECAP members meet every year to highlight their commitment to improving the transport sector by making it more efficient, socially equitable and more sustainable in different aspects such as safety, environment, mobility and finance.

At the 50th ASECAP Days, we will focus on how to ensure equal access to mobility services, which is a key point for social and economic development. We will discuss the necessary standards, innovative technologies and sustainability practices in road transportation. Our infrastructure projects need to be compatible with the vehicles and solutions of the future. ASECAP determines what bridge, tunnel and highway operators should do for Europe’s decarbonization target, ensures the dissemination of knowledge by sharing successful examples, and tries to design the future today by working together with all stakeholders on the problems to be encountered.’

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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