Ford Otosan will produce electric scooters in Eskisehir

Ford Otosan, Europe’s commercial vehicle production leader, started electric scooter production with its new venture Rakun Mobility Technology and Trade company. Raccoon Pro2 and Raccoon Pro3, developed by Turkish engineers and produced at Ford Otosan Eskisehir Factory, will be available for sale in 2022. Arcelik manufactures the electric motor for the project, which was implemented with approximately €4 million.


For the Raccoon Pro2 and Pro3, the ability to go uphill was one of the most critical priorities. Raccoon, where the electric motor transmits its power correctly to the wheels, can navigate without difficulty, especially on the steep slopes of Istanbul. The three-wheeled Pro3 version, on the other hand, helps to carry the loads more comfortably, and thanks to its rear two-wheel independent suspension, it has maneuverability like normal two wheels in bends. The 5 kW/h battery in the Pro2 and Pro3, which has a range of over 100 km, is charged in approximately 4.5 hours over normal mains electricity.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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