Giresun Island is the focus of local and foreign tourists

Giresun Island, which stands out with its mythological stories and historical ruins, is on the sightseeing route of visitors from outside the province.

Those who come to Giresun Island, the only island in the Eastern Black Sea, where people lived in the past, have the opportunity to examine historical ruins such as Byzantine tombs,historical walls, monastery ruins, chapel pitos (large-scale cubes used to store products).

On the 39-acre island, which is home to many bird species, the nests of cormorants and seagulls can be observed.

The island, known for its mythological stories such as “Amazon women” and “the place where Hercules searched for the golden fleece”, is accessible by boat organizing daily tours from Üçkayalar Fishermen’s Shelter.

The island, which can be visited until October depending on weather conditions, attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists on Black Sea tours.


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