Glacial lakes in Turkiye’s Black Sea offer new thrills for trekking, canoeing enthusiasts

High up in enchanting highlands of Giresun province, glacial lakes lure visitors with picturesque snow-capped landscapes

High up in the enchanting highlands of Turkiye’s Black Sea province of Giresun, glacial lakes nestled at elevations exceeding 2,600 meters (8,530 feet) have emerged as the newest attraction for adventurers seeking trekking and canoeing thrills.

These serene lakes, adorned with colorful flowers and surrounded by picturesque snow-capped landscapes, are captivating the hearts of visitors in the Dereli district.

Aygir Golu at an elevation of 2,709 meters (8,887 feet), Camli Lake at 2,754 meters (9,035 feet), and Sagrak Lake at an elevation of 2,633 meters (8,638 feet) welcome visitors with colorful flowers and stunning snow views.

The chairman of Giresun Nature Sports Club (GIDOSK), Ahmet Kilic, expressed joy in encouraging people to explore nature and partake in outdoor sports.He highlighted the lakes’ charm, mentioning that even in late July, the lake shores still boast snow.

Sharing his feeling about canoeing in the glacial lakes as an exceptional delight, a visitor, Mustafa Aydin, said canoeing is always enjoyable, but canoeing in glacial lakes is even more enjoyable.

Aydin, who visited the region last week, said: “The entire surroundings of the lake were covered in snow, although most of it has melted now, it was still enjoyable. We recommend it to everyone.”

Another visitor, Ibrahim Aslan, said he has been visiting Giresun at specific times for about three years, adding: “This year was a different experience for me. This place has a truly beautiful landscape. Canoeing here is also fantastic. Paddling with such a view is really wonderful.”

The hotel industry has also experienced a surge in people’s interest, with tourists eager to experience these inspiring landscapes and charming canoeing activities.

They plan to conduct these canoeing events every weekend, which serve as an excellent promotion for the city, said Orhan Kilinc, a hotel manager at Kockayası Nature Park in Dereli.


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