Hazelnut harvest started in Sakarya

Producers in Sakarya started the hazelnut harvest.

In Kocaeli district, hazelnut producers entered the orchards for the harvest period. Producers continue the harvest, which they started in the early hours of the day, until the evening.

Seasonal agricultural workers coming to Sakarya from the eastern and southeastern provinces work intensively in hot weather to contribute to their home economies.

The owner of the hazelnut orchard, Emin Cobanoglu, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they started the harvest a little early this year.

Pointing out that pesticides and fertilizers were ineffective due to the rains this year, Cobanoglu said, “There is also rot in the hazelnuts. The hazelnuts we see do not mature.”

Worker sergeant Mahzun Malgaz, who came to collect hazelnuts with 25 people from Idil district of Sirnak for the harvest that will last about 3 months, said that they have been in the district for 26 days.

Explaining that the work that started in the early hours of the morning continued until the evening, Malgaz said, “We first get sprouts here, then we scythe, then we come again for the rake. After these stages, when the hazelnuts start to fall, we come back after collecting hazelnuts for 65 to 70 days.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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