Istanbul rose to 25th place in the “Global Cities Index”

The rapid progress achieved in the “cultural experience” criterion thanks to Istanbul Airport played an important role in the rise of Istanbul.

Istanbul ranked 25th in the “Global Cities Index” of the international consultancy company Kearney, rising three places this year.

According to the statement made by the company, the 2023 data of the “Global Cities Index” prepared by Kearney has been announced.

Istanbul, which ranked 28th last year in the index that determines the cities leading the global economy, rose to the 25th place this year.

The rapid progress made in a short time in the field of “cultural experience”, which is one of the criteria of the index, made a significant contribution to the rise of Istanbul. With the opening of Istanbul Airport, the positioning of the city as a “travel hub” and the large increase in the number of international visitors enabled Istanbul to advance 20 places in 5 years in terms of “cultural experience” and rise to 15th place.

In the evaluation made by Kearney, the abundance of international schools and sister cities were also considered among the strengths of Istanbul.

Kearney Turkiye Director Onur Okutur, whose views were included in the statement, stated that there has been a remarkable increase in the interest of global companies in Istanbul and that the rise in the Global Cities Index is a concrete indicator of this.

Okutur said, “Istanbul’s rise in the Global Cities Index is a strong sign of the potential for increase in foreign capital investments.”

According to the information provided, the research that ranks cities according to their openness to the global economy and integration was at the top of the research, with America’s New York city at the top, England’s capital London at second place, and France’s capital Paris at third place.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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