Kurdistan and Turkiye stress resuming oil exports and strengthening bilateral ties

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region (KRI) and the Turkish Ministers of Foreign Affairs,and Energy and Natural Resources have jointly emphasized the crucial need to resume oil exports from KRI through the Turkish port of Ceyhan.

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani warmly received Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan today. The meeting, also attended by Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Alp Arslan Bayraktar, delved into the latest developments in Iraq and KRI, with a strong focus on enhancing bilateral relations.

Barzani underscored the paramount significance of fortifying ties with Turkiye, particularly in trade, facilitating movement, and boosting tourism for both nations.

The meeting spotlighted the critical importance of reinitiating oil exports from KRI through the Turkish port of Ceyhan. The aim is to overcome hurdles and challenges in this process, as the halt in exports has adversely affected all involved parties.

In a different context, discussions revolved around the “Development Road” project, aimed at connecting Gulf nations, Iraq, Turkiye, and other global countries through a railway network.

In this context, the Kurdish Prime Minister reiterated the necessity of executing the project in agreement and coordination with KRI, benefiting all citizens and diverse components in Iraq.

Expressing delight in visiting the Kurdistan Region, the Turkish Foreign Minister conveyed Turkiye’s readiness to bolster relations across various sectors.

Following the meeting, both the Prime Minister and the Turkish Foreign Minister, in media statements, emphasized the pivotal role of elevating bilateral ties in economic and trade domains. They also stressed collaborative coordination to ensure security and stability in Iraq, KRI, and the wider region.


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