Pazarama became a partner of Hamurlabs, which provides order and warehouse management solutions

Turkiye Is Bankasi e-commerce platform Pazarama continues to expand its ecosystem by investing in its stakeholders in this field.

Pazarama, a subsidiary of Turkiye Is Bankasi, continues its investments in the e-commerce sector at full speed. Pazarama, an online shopping application that includes millions of retail products from electronics to cosmetics, from fashion to supermarkets, has invested in Hamurlabs, which offers order and warehouse management solutions.

Hamurlabs is a solution platform that combines many needs of companies such as domestic and international marketplace integrations, order/invoice management for e-commerce, especially warehouse management, under a single roof. With Hamurlabs e-WMS, all warehouse and e-commerce processes from procurement, return and exchange processes can be carried out without requiring any additional investment. It also produces different software solutions for retail and e-commerce.

Speaking about the partnership with Hamurlabs, Pazarama’s umbrella company Topkapı Electronic Services and Consulting INC General Manager Serkan Ugras Kaygalak said;

“We want to grow Pazarama with a perspective that focuses not only on the product but also on the service, attaches importance to the financial health of not only buyers but also sellers, empowering local producers and industry players beyond price and variety. While doing this, we want to grow together by constantly developing business partnerships with the stakeholders in our ecosystem. In this context, we invested in Hamurlabs, a technology company that offers value-added solutions in the field of e-commerce. With this investment, we will offer different solutions to more businesses in the coming period. On the Pazarama side, we aim to increase the use of high technology in partnership with Hamurlabs and to develop the mechanization of our new warehouse, which will also be used by our vendors. Thus, we aim to contribute to the development of the sector, while providing better service to both commercial enterprises and individual consumers.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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