Quarter Gold Prices Today: May 22, 2024 Gold Exchange Rates

How much are quarter gold prices today? Here are the current quarter gold exchange rates as of May 22, 2024.

The gram price of gold stands at ₺2493 after starting the day with a 0.2% loss in value.

Quarter gold is being sold for 4.075, while Republic gold is priced at ₺16.320.

The ounce price of gold is currently selling at $2,409.

While US Federal Reserve (Fed) officials’ continued emphasis on the need not to act hastily regarding the interest rate cut has partially dampened risk appetite in the equity markets, analysts anticipate increased volatility in stock and sector-based trading following the announcement of the giant chip manufacturer’s balance sheet today.

Analysts noted the challenges in pricing due to Fed officials’ statements regarding the expected first interest rate cut this year, emphasizing the importance of avoiding hasty actions in this regard.

In light of these developments, pricing in the money markets suggests a 65% probability of the Fed making its first interest rate cut in September.

Today’s data agenda in the country remains calm, with focus primarily on second-hand housing sales in the USA and the meeting minutes of the Fed Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) internationally.

Technically, analysts point out that $2,450 and $2,400 are support levels in the ounce price of gold, while $2,500 and $2,550 serve as resistance levels.

Source: NTV / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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