Shark Guitar, designing the world’s most advanced electric guitar, received an investment of €2.5 million

After a five-year R&D process, six patents and many innovations, Shark Guitar, designed as the world’s most advanced electric guitar to be put into mass production, received an investment of €2.5 million based on a valuation of €20 million.

Local startup Shark Gitar was designed by guitarist and entrepreneur Cem Koksal and brought to the production stage with his founding partners Bayram Tekce and Bahtiyar Balci.

Although Shark Guitar contains many new innovations, its main features are that it allows a comfortable performance thanks to its patented metal components and design, its rich and powerful timbre, and that it is a modular guitar whose neck, body and pickups can be changed, and effect pedals can be attached.

Shark Gitar received a total investment of €2.5 million from business investors such as Nevzat Aydin, Gokhan San, Bekir Yener Yildirim and Mustafa Dogan, and institutional investors such as Neo Portfolio Target Venture Capital Investment Fund, based on a valuation of €20 Million.

Shark Guitar co-founder Cem Koksal stated that the R&D process of the modular guitar started five years ago, and that they have reached the point where they can start mass production with the completion of the patent procedures.

“The electric guitar is the best-selling musical instrument worldwide, the most iconic and best known globally. Shark Guitar has 6 different patents and we introduced the first 20 guitars we prepared at the world’s largest music show, “The National Association of Music Merchants” (NAMM Show), held in America, which unites the industry’s global music, audio and entertainment technology communities. We received tremendous interest. Almost everyone from the industry who visited our stand stated that they had never seen such a product before and offered their congratulations, and frankly, this encouraged us.”

Bayram Tekce, one of the founding partners of Shark Gitar said the following;

“I believe it is a project that will inspire our country. Cem Koksal developed the project very well both as an artist and as an engineer. We are very excited about the investment progress we have reached after six years of R&D. With Shark Guitar, we want to have a significant share in the world guitar industry. We want to inspire Turkish youth. This is the most important motivation for me to enter this investment. I am here because it is necessary to support young people who have such ideas.”

Shark Guitar will be a very serious success story coming out of Turkiye

Nevzat Aydin, one of Shark Gitar investors;

“My previous investments were related to software-based projects rather than concrete, hand-held products. This is a first. The impression that the Shark Guitar team made on me from the very first meeting; It was thought that there could be a very serious success story coming out of Turkiye. For this reason, I have full faith that Shark Guitar will achieve a great success story.”

Shark Guitar is a dream project

Those who want to buy Shark Guitar will be able to access the products from contracted music stores starting from autumn 2024. Apart from this, guitar enthusiasts can go to and design and order the guitar components they want down to the smallest detail through Shark 3D Designer, the world’s most detailed guitar design software. In the future, different components such as new body, neck or pickups can be purchased separately and used with the guitars they have previously purchased. This compliance platform is called Ocean Environment.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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