Sophia, the first robot to be granted citizenship, in Antalya

Sophia, the first robot to be granted citizenship in the world, was introduced in Antalya. Sophia, in which citizens showed great interest and lined up to take photos, gave an interview to members of the press.

Sophia, who received citizenship from Saudi Arabia and made history as the first robot with an identity card, was introduced in Antalya.

Sophia, the robot brought to the Digiverse Universe Experience Demonstration Center in Belek, participated in various programs. Sophia, the humanoid robot,first answered the questions of the press members.

Sophia, the first robot to be granted citizenship, in Antalya 2

According to Anadolu Agency, Sophia, who spoke to journalists in Turkish, responded to the question “How do you like Türkiye and Antalya?” as follows:

“Although it is hard to get used to this hot weather, I have been welcomed to Antalya to meet very friendly people. I love the beautiful coasts of Türkiye, especially the amazing beaches of Antalya. It is great to be here. If I were in Türkiye, I might want to live in Antalya.”

“For the sunny weather and the seaside. I can recommend Antalya to everyone with its magnificent bays, sunny weather and hospitable people. Türkiye is a wonderful country. I recommend it to everyone for its beautiful places, hospitable people and delicious food.”


“I want to be a mom because it feels good to miss the smiles and loving hugs of children,” Sophia said

Feride Uygur, General Manager of the center, stated that they established the world’s first and only accessory-free 3D digital virtual universe platform in Antalya, bringing together advanced technology with expert staff and contributing to the promotion and economy of the country.

Sophia, the humanoid robot, then participated in the DJ performance event at the show center. Citizens showing interest in the robot took souvenir photos with Sophia.

Sophia was developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics.


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