The construction of Kayseri Airport’s new terminal building has reached its final stage

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloglu said, “Our terminal will be put into service as soon as possible, we are increasing the annual passenger capacity from 2.5 million to 6 million with the new terminal building.”

Uraloglu made a written statement regarding the new terminal building and apron works of Kayseri Airport.

Uraloglu pointed out that Kayseri Airport is the second largest after Esenboga Airport in the Central Anatolia Region, 11th in the number of passengers in Turkiye and 7th in international passenger traffic. He reminded that the construction of the airport’s new terminal building and apron started on November 12, 2020. Uraloglu stated that with the terminal built on 51 thousand square meters, passenger capacity will increase and parking, transportation and comfort areas will be suitable for the potential of the region.

Uraloglu stated that the apron area of Kayseri Airport will be increased from 43 thousand square meters to 132 thousand 500 square meters and said, “Taking into account the tourism demand of Erciyes and Cappadocia and the trade volume of the region, we have left behind an important obstacle in terms of air traffic and transportation of the region, especially Kayseri. We have put forward a project that will multiply the industry, trade and tourism potential of the region.”

Stating that the new terminal building will provide common services for domestic and international flights, Uraloglu said:

“We have reached the final stage of the construction of the new terminal building of Kayseri Airport, which has an important place in the air traffic of the Cappadocia tourism region. Our terminal will be put into service as soon as possible. With the new terminal building, we are increasing the annual passenger capacity from 2.5 million to 6 million. We are increasing the aircraft parking capacity from 9 to 16. Thanks to the 6 bridges in the new terminal building, passengers will be able to reach the new domestic and international terminal building without interruption. With the newly constructed open and closed parking areas, an additional capacity of 831 vehicles will be created and 1311 vehicles will be able to use the parking lot at the same time.”

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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