Turkish Airlines Elevates In-Flight Entertainment with ‘tabii’ Streaming Service Partnership

Experience a new era in in-flight entertainment with Turkish Airlines and ‘tabii.’ From historical dramas to action-packed adventures, explore how this partnership is bridging cultures and redefining the travel experience.

Imagine settling into your seat, buckling up, and instead of the usual lineup of Hollywood blockbusters, you’re greeted with an array of original Turkish series, ranging from the depths of historical dramas to the peaks of action-packed adventures. This is the new reality for passengers aboard Turkish Airlines, thanks to a groundbreaking partnership with Türkiye’s digital streaming platform, ‘tabii.’ Launched by the public broadcaster TRT, ‘tabii’ has quickly become a cultural phenomenon, amassing over 3.5 million subscribers since its inception. Now, its captivating original content is taking to the skies, aiming to reach a global audience through Turkish Airlines’ extensive network.

Bringing Turkish Stories to the World

The collaboration between Turkish Airlines and ‘tabii’ represents a significant stride in the promotion of Turkish culture and entertainment on a global scale. With the airline’s commitment to enhancing passenger experience, travelers can now enjoy a special selection of ‘tabii’s original productions. Among these are titles that resonate with the soul of Türkiye, such as ‘Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi,’ a series that delves into the life of the famed Sufi mystic, and ‘Kızılelma: Bir Fetih Öyküsü,’ a gripping tale of conquest and ambition.These stories, along with 10 other originals, are available with subtitles and dubbing in multiple languages, ensuring accessibility for an international audience.

More Than Just Entertainment

This partnership is not merely about providing entertainment; it’s about storytelling that transcends borders. TRT’s director general highlighted the increasing global appetite for Turkish content, emphasizing the platform’s role in showcasing the nation’s rich history, traditions, and cultural heritage. By integrating ‘tabii’ original productions into its in-flight entertainment offerings, Turkish Airlines is not only making travel more enjoyable but also serving as a bridge between cultures. This move aligns with the airline’s broader mission to connect people, places, and stories worldwide, leveraging its position as a major international carrier.

A Win-Win Collaboration

The synergy between Turkish Airlines and ‘tabii’ underscores the potential of strategic partnerships to elevate customer experiences while promoting cultural exchange. As passengers from diverse backgrounds discover these stories, they gain insights into Türkiye’s cultural landscape, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation. For ‘tabii,’ this collaboration opens up a new avenue to reach audiences beyond its existing subscriber base, propelling Turkish content into the global spotlight. Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines enhances its reputation as an airline that goes beyond transportation, offering a unique and enriching in-flight experience.

As of February 2024, travelers aboard Turkish Airlines can immerse themselves in the world of ‘tabii’ original content. This venture into the realm of digital streaming onboard flights marks a pivotal moment in the airline’s journey to redefine the travel experience. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling to connect us, transcending the confines of geography and language. Through this partnership, Turkish Airlines and ‘tabii’ are not just sharing content; they’re sharing the soul of Türkiye with the world.

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