Turkish Döner Kebab Prices Surge: Impact on Consumers in Turkiye and Abroad

The increase in the cost of Turkish specialty döner kebab, reaching $10.90 a portion in Germany and $15.5 in Türkiye, has caused controversy as people take to social media complaining over the cost of living and food prices.

The increase in the price of meat has come back on the agenda as the price of döner kebab has risen to 10 euros in Germany.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who has been involved in the debate on döner kebab prices in Germany, said, “We live in a free market economy. Therefore, there will be no price ceiling for döner kebab in Germany. But inflation is already decreasing in the country.”

döner kebab chefs in Istanbul said they have to reflect the price increases in their menus, from the workers they employ to the oil they use.

On the other hand, Türkiye’s Butchers’ Federation emphasized that if the government supports animal breeding, meat and döner kebab prices will decrease.

“When there is a hike in fuel, everything goes up. It is not only limited to meat products. The price of rice, oil and potatoes also shoots up and are liable to extra taxes. Together with employee costs, all of this gets reflected in prices as a cost. The state needs to address the price policy.There is a serious price increase not only in food but also in plastic materials, packaging and clothing,” an employee working in an eatery said.

Turkish Butchers’ Federation President Osman Yardımcı said that the price increase of döner meat compared to last year was around 70 percent and that prices could only decrease if the state supports cattle breeding.

“Currently, the meat for a döner kebab costs 550 liras. If you buy this meat and turn it into döner kebab, there is a 20 percent waste and loss. Also, for chicken, prices that were 30 liras last year are now 100 liras,” he added.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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