Turkish financial technology company Papara renewed its logo

Papara, a financial technology company that bought a company in Europe and came to the fore with its new products and services, renewed its logo during the period when it accelerated its globalization journey.

Papara, one of Turkiye’s leading financial technology companies operating since 2016, took the first step towards its new corporate identity. Papara renewed its current logo with a more modern and simple approach that focuses on technology.

With the update, the rounded lines in the old logo were replaced by more oval and soft-sided forms in the new logo. Emphasizing the concepts such as technology, transparency and simplicity, which it identifies with brand perception, with geometric corrections, the company preferred plain black and white for different backgrounds, abandoning the gradient color transition in its new logo, which retained its typographic approach. In this way, Papara carried the emphasis that it is a technology company to its new logo, which it designed in a clearer, more understandable, plain manner and with an understanding in line with contemporary design principles.

New Corporate Identity on the globalization journey

The company, which is planning a gradual corporate identity change in addition to the logo change, announced in the past months that it has acquired Spain-based neobank Rebellion. Representing Turkiye with a big stand at Money 20/20 Europe, one of Europe’s most important financial and technology events, the company also accelerated its overseas expansion processes.

Papara will continue its globalization journey with its new corporate identity, announcing successively sports investments and major sponsorship agreements, and launching new products and services in business areas such as payments, cards and insurance every month.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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