Turkish hydrogen market will open new doors in exports

In the 13th session of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s (ISO) Green Agenda Talks initiated within the framework of its sustainability vision, Turkey’s role in the hydrogen economy was discussed.

Istanbul According to the statement made by the ISO, the chat program hosted by ISO Board Member Vehbi Canpolat, in cooperation with the Turkish Energy, Nuclear, and Mining Research Institute (TENMAK), featured TENMAK Vice President Prof. Dr. Uğur Çevik and President of the Hydrogen Technologies Association Prof. Dr. İbrahim Dinçer.

As part of the program, a panel was held with TENMAK Hydrogen Technologies General Coordinator Ragıp Kızıltaş, Istanbul Technical University Energy Institute Director Prof. Dr. Adnan Midilli, and TENMAK Vice President Çevik as speakers, moderated by journalist-author Ilgaz Gürsoy.

“The hydrogen economy promises much more with ‘green hydrogen'” Canpolat stated in his speech during the panel that hydrogen plays a key role in achieving “net-zero” emissions worldwide by 2050.

Besides complementing decarbonization technologies such as renewable energy, biofuels, or energy efficiency, Canpolat emphasized that “clean hydrogen,” or more specifically “green hydrogen” when indicated by its color code, promises much more.

Pointing out that hydrogen is a long-term, scalable, and cost-effective energy source alternative for industries such as maritime and aviation transportation, steel, and ammonia, Canpolat said, “Moreover, as hydrogen can be used as a fuel and energy carrier, it is believed to connect and fundamentally transform these markets. For these reasons, over 40 countries have unveiled their hydrogen strategies and roadmaps.”

In addition to striving to achieve the “net-zero” target with hydrogen energy and clean energy transformation efforts, Canpolat emphasized that hydrogen energy will play a critical role for the world, which is also tested for energy supply security due to geopolitical reasons. He noted:

“Hydrogen energy will also mean new trade opportunities for countries with demand potential for countries rich in renewable energy resources. Green hydrogen is a new playground where countries can take a step ahead as a large-scale sustainable and technology-oriented new industrial strategy. According to projections, the current $1.4 billion hydrogen market is expected to rise to $12 billion by 2030. If the net-zero target is achieved, it will reach $112 billion.”

Çevik, Vice President of TENMAK, also provided information about the institution, stating, “One of TENMAK’s important responsibilities is to create a sustainable clean energy future for our country by decarbonizing our economy, making a difference in this regard, and combining clean energy goals with international energy policy.”

Dinçer, President of the Hydrogen Technologies Association, emphasized the need to look at humanity’s needs in terms of the sector’s transformation for the hydrogen economy.

Dinçer stated:

“These needs include clean air, clean food, clean water, and clean energy when we look at them. However, if your energy is not clean, it is not possible for the others to remain clean either. Therefore, energy must be clean without fail.

Until today, in the energy equation, we have seen renewable energy, nuclear, and fossil sources. Fossil sources are now exiting the equation. So, who is coming into the equation? Hydrogen is coming. So, what will be the path of hydrogen here? Living through these historical processes actually presents both problematic and great opportunities for humanity.”

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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