Turkish PV panels producer to build factory in Romania

One of the largest producers of photovoltaic panels in Turkey, Alfa Solar Enerji, listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange a year ago, reportedly seeks to build a factory in Romania, with an initial manufacturing capacity of 300 MW per year, announced.

The factory will deliver its output to the entire European Union market.

Alfa Solar already opened a subsidiary in Romania, with a capital of around EUR 1 million,in partnership with a Romanian investor (Jeanina Șenkaia).

Alfa Solar Enerji, with an annual turnover of over EUR 130 million, currently produces in Turkey about 3 million solar panels per year, with an equivalent installed power of 1.3 GW, in indoor industrial facilities with an area of ​​4 hectares and with an effective of about 750 employees, the production process being highly robotic.

Source: romania-insider

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