Turkiye: $1.05 billion export from Southeastern Anatolia Region in August

Member companies of the Southeastern Anatolian Exporters’ Association (GAIB) exported $1 billion 54 million 707 thousand in August.

GAIB Coordinator Chairman Ahmet Fikret Kileci, in his written statement, stated that the region’s exports decreased by 2.7% in August this year compared to the same month of the previous year.

Expressing that foreign sales of $1 billion 54 million 707 thousand were made from the region, Kileci emphasized that the decline caused by the earthquake continued despite the recovery.

Considering the production and export statistics, which have now reached a certain level, Kileci pointed out that the recovery in the region is getting better every month, and made the following assessments:

“A stable export performance makes us happy. Our region’s exports have exceeded $1 billion this month as well. We have reached $7.5 billion of exports in an 8-month period. While the Middle Eastern countries maintain their place in the first place with a share of 39.3% in our exports, EU countries are in the second place with a share of 18.7% and African countries are in the third place with a share of 13.8%. When we analyze our January-August export table by country, Iraq, USA, Italy, Syria, England, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Israel and Russia are in the first places in our region’s exports. The valuable exporters of our Gazi city continue to make us smile with their superior performance.”

Stating that Gaziantep is the city that exports the most in the region, Kileci said that this province is followed by Mardin, Kahramanmaras, Malatya, Saniıurfa, Diyarbakir, Kilis and Adiyaman.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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