Turkiye is on the radar of US investors

DEIK Turkiye-US Business Council President Mehmet Ali Yalcindag stated that US investors have a great interest in Turkiye and said that he thinks the investor meetings will quickly attract investment to Turkiye.

Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Turkiye-US Business Council (TAIK) President Mehmet Ali Yalcindag made evaluations to the AA correspondent in New York, where he was to attend the 13th Turkiye Investment Conference organized by TAIK.

Reminding that they organize the Turkiye Investment Conference in New York every year to coincide with the United Nations General Assembly period, Yalcindag noted that the American business world attaches great importance to the meetings in which they talk directly to both President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and relevant ministers and evaluate investment opportunities in Turkiye.

“Nearly 200 investors attended the first day of the Investment Conference”

Mehmet Ali Yalcindag stated that nearly 200 investors participated in the first day of the Investment Conference held at the headquarters of Goldman Sachs this year, and nearly 150 of them were American investors. “I saw that there were many interested fund managers from various states who wanted to listen to the Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Simsek. It was a very successful meeting.”

Stating that everyone is very curious about Turkiye, Yalcindag said, “During our meetings with Goldman Sachs while coming to America, I saw that there was a really great interest in Turkiye, that the Medium Term Program (MTP) was awaited with interest by American investors and that they wanted to hear it directly from the relevant Minister’s mouth.”

“The appetite for Turkiye is very high”

Pointing out the importance of ensuring the trust of investors, Yalcindag said, “Our ministers, especially Minister Simsek, explain this very well. While inviting the relevant investors and the business world to Turkiye, they say very important things and instill confidence. This next 5 years already offers people the opportunity to invest in Turkiye.”

Yalcindag stated that he saw that investors had a great “appetite for Turkiye” and that the results of this could be seen after these meetings.

Stating that these meetings will increase in number, Yalcindag said, “I think all of these will quickly attract investment to Turkiye.”

Turkiye’s major companies also met with US investors

TAİK President Yalcindag stated that representatives of Turkiye’s 15 largest companies also participated in President Erdogan’s trip to the USA and that they attach great importance to this.

Stating that the representatives of the companies in question also met with US investors in the panels held at the Investment Conference, Yalcindag stated that these groups came here and gave the message that they support the MTP.

Yalcindag stated that US investors had the chance to listen to the politicians governing the country and also saw the approaches of the private sector, and said, “It was a very satisfying program for both foreign investors and Turkish companies. It was useful for them to explain themselves.”

The desire to bring Turkish exporters closer to the $27 trillion American market

Emphasizing that their duty as TAİK is commercial diplomacy, Yalcindag said, “As a non-governmental organization, we do all we can to maximize both investment opportunities and commercial relations between Turkiye and America.”

Yalcindag stated that they have started to receive returns from the work they have done in recent years and said, “Our trade volume with the USA, which was below $20 billion in 2018, exceeded $32 billion last year. We have a trade volume target of $100 billion. We want to achieve this in the next 5 years. We are running a serious program to catch this.”

Stating that they want to bring Turkish exporters closer to the $27 trillion American market, Yalcindag noted that they are working to direct Turkish business people to the American market.

Source: Trthaber / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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