Turkiye: Southern city gears up for 10th edition of Teknofest

The preparations are underway for the 10th edition of Teknofest, the world’s largest space, aviation and technology festival, to be held in the southern province of Adana this year.

“Don’t look far. Teknofest 2024 is in Adana,” Selçuk Bayraktar, chairman of the Teknofest Board of Directors and the Turkish Technology Team (T3) Foundation, announced.

Hosting millions of visitors every year, the festival aspires to cultivate a heightened societal interest with technology through various activities such as technology competitions,air shows, concerts, interviews and events spanning diverse topics. In doing so, Teknofest aims to instill awareness regarding Türkiye’s transformative journey towards becoming a society that pioneers and advances technology.

With the collaboration of the Industry and Technology Ministry and the T3 Foundation, Teknofest held in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir last year saw a total attendance of 4.6 million participants.

Yücel Bayram, chairman of the Board of Directors of Adana Chamber of Commerce (ATO), reported that applications for Teknofest’s 2024 technology competitions have started.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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