Turkiye’s GenGroup Qazaqstan starts growing bananas in Turkestan region

The Turkish company GenGroup Qazaqstan started growing bananas in the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan. This is the country’s first banana production on an industrial scale.

According to the local Ministry of Agriculture, GenGroup Qazaqstan has built a 5.3-hectare greenhouse complex with banana trees in the region. This is a specially bred banana variety, “adapted to the climatic conditions of Kazakhstan,” the ministry said.

In the near future, it is planned to expand the greenhouse by another 5 hectares, which will make it possible to produce about 1,000 tons of bananas per year. The first harvest is planned to be harvested in six to eight months. The greenhouses will also grow tomatoes and strawberries. press release.

The cost of the project at the first stage is $4 million. During the construction,the Turkish company used high-strength structures, and the greenhouses are also equipped with climate control and an adaptive nutrition system, which helps “unleash the genetic potential of plants even under adverse weather conditions.”

Image: east-fruit


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