Turkiye’s retail sales volume up by 28.5% year-on-year in June

Sales via mail orders, internet rise by 43.4%

Turkiye’s retail sales volume was up by 28.5% in June on an annual basis,the country’s statistical department said on Friday.

According to TurkStat data, retail sales rose by 26.6% for food, drinks and tobacco, 32% for non-food, and 19.4% for automotive fuel.

Under non-food, computers, books and telecommunication equipment sales increased by 52.3%, electronic goods and furniture rose by 32.9%, and textile, clothing and footwear sales were up by 19.9%.

Meanwhile, medical goods and cosmetic sales dropped by 2.8%.

Sales via mail orders and the internet rose by 43.4% in June on a yearly basis.

The retail turnover index was up by 73% year-on-year in June; 89.3% for food, drinks and tobacco, 96.2% for non-food and 3.2% for automotive fuel.

On a monthly basis, overall retail sales dropped by 0.1% in the country.


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