Wisersense a Turkish startup that constantly monitors the health of the machines, received an investment of €630 thousand

Wisersense, a domestic technology company that continuously monitors the health of machines and provides early stage malfunction detection and accurate planning, has stepped into a new era with its new investment round of €630 thousand.

With the first round investment made by two investors Arz Portfolio and Zen Girisim, Wisersense now plans to continue its journey as an even stronger and global player.

This investment round worth €630 thousand will be used to accelerate Wisersense’s new product development activities, further strengthen its artificial intelligence-based software and expand its sales and marketing activities on 4 continents. It is also considered an important step towards the company’s vision of becoming a company that uses digital twin technologies in its products at a high level in the coming years.

Wisersense, founded by Kadem Berker Yasar (CEO), Fatih Altunel (CTO) and Tahir Emre Esirgen (Partner), stated that this investment will play a critical role in achieving their company’s growth and development goals.

CEO Kadem Berker Yasar said in his statement about the investment;

“Detecting malfunctions at an early stage by monitoring the health of the machines increases production efficiency while increasing operational and personnel safety. This investment will help us carry this important mission even further. Additionally, healthy machines work efficiently by consuming less energy. For this reason, we support companies and countries to reduce their energy consumption by protecting the health of machines and thus achieve their net-zero targets.”

Wisersense’s technology-focused approach and customer-focused solutions are said to fill an important gap in the industrial sector. The company aims to position itself as a reliable solution partner in the digitalized and smart factories of the future.

This investment will help Wisersense consolidate its leadership in the industry as a pioneering and innovative technology company in monitoring the health of machines.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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