Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Pro with 3D facial recognition launched for $391 (2799 yuan)

Xiaomi has released the Smart Door Lock M20 Pro, an advanced smart lock featuring AI-driven 3D structural light facial recognition for enhanced security and precise identification. The M20 Pro is an upgraded version of the standard M20 model launched earlier this year.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Pro features:

The 3D structural light facial recognition technology is renowned for its adaptability and accuracy, commonly used in secure systems like financial payments, access control systems, and high-end digital devices. The dual-core AI chip, combined with the 3D structural light module, enhances the device’s accuracy and resistance against attempts to unlock using photos, videos, or masks. This lock system complies with financial payment-grade security standards, as certified by BCTC.

The M20 Pro Smart Lock offers a user-friendly and practical unlocking experience. Upon the user’s approach, the smart door lock automatically recognizes the user’s face, capturing 30,000 light spots to map unique facial features, resulting in a false recognition rate of less than 0.0001%. The intelligent lock can function efficiently under various lighting conditions, including daylight and darkness. This automated recognition process makes the lock easy to use for children,adults, and the elderly without the need for fingerprints.

The AI-powered smart cat-eye with 180° ultra-wide-angle camera feature provides real-time monitoring of the area in front of the door and enables timely alerts. The lock’s built-in display screen allows users to check who is at the door. The doorbell light and internal screen automatically turn on when a visitor approaches and rings the doorbell. This smart lock also supports multi-screen linkage, remote viewing via smartphones, and visual intercom functionality, thus enhancing home security and convenience.

The M20 Pro supports various unlocking methods, from facial recognition, password input, fingerprint scanning, temporary passwords, Bluetooth, NFC cards, and emergency keys, to Xiaomi’s smartwatches and fitness bands. It features a 5000mAh internal battery that can last for 12 months. Emergency power can be supplied via wireless reverse charging from a smartphone or a Type-C data cable in case of complete battery depletion.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Pro is priced at 2999 yuan ($419), but during the pre-sale period, it is available at a special price of 2799 yuan ($391). The device will be officially available for purchase starting from August 1st.


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