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1.3 million expats enter Turkiye by land in last month

The number of expatriates entering Turkiye via its northwestern border gates has reached 1.3 million in the past month, accompanied by 323,600 vehicles, according to data released by the Trade Ministry.

Expatriates hailing from various European countries have been embarking on journeys with their vehicles to reunite with their relatives during the summer holidays, contributing to the steady flow of arrivals.

The data from the Thrace Regional Directorate of Customs and Foreign Trade reveals that over the last month, a total of 1.3 million expatriates made their way into the country,with the Kapıkule, Hamzabeyli and Dereköy border gates to Bulgaria, as well as the İpsala and Pazarkule border gates to Greece, serving as primary entry points.

Comparing the figures to the same period last year, the surge in expatriate arrivals is evident, as 1.2 million expatriates had entered the country with 77,439 vehicles through these gates during that time.

The data analysis further highlights the Kapıkule border gate as the most frequently utilized entry point, with 805,097 expats and 194,497 vehicles arriving since June 22.

Expatriates typically stay in the country for a period ranging from four to six weeks, visiting relatives in their hometowns and enjoying holiday destinations before eventually returning to their countries of residence.

One of the driving factors behind the preference for land routes is the soaring cost of air travel. “We can come by car for half the cost for a family of four,” said Mustafa Bozdağ, an expatriate who made his entry through the Kapıkule border gate from England.

Similarly, Mehmet Katarcı, who arrived from France, expressed his dissatisfaction with the expensive airfare. He revealed that for the price of one person’s flight, he managed to bring his entire family of four on a land journey, effectively cutting costs. “We can come by plane with 700-750 euros per person, and with a car, it is 500 euros,” said Katarcı.


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