10 startups that graduated from the first semester of Turkish Airlines Terminal, the startup acceleration program

10 startups graduated from the first term of Turkish Airlines Terminal, which was put into practice last year. Some of these startups had the opportunity to cooperate with THY.

The startup acceleration program, implemented by Turkish Airlines and in which we took part in its first launch, also has abbreviations such as Turkish Airlines Terminal or THY Terminal. With the demo day held yesterday, 10 graduates from its first term. Some of the graduates had the opportunity to do business with THY.

Purpose of the Program

  • To support startups to cooperate with corporate companies more easily.
  • To support entrepreneurs in accessing the resources they need to manage their businesses more successfully.

Who Can Apply?

  • Producing solutions within the scope of the program focus areas.
  • During the activities to be carried out during the program, the program team, trainers, mentors and experts from business units will be able to allocate the necessary time to work with the managers.
  • Those whose initiatives are at the following levels;
  • The product exists but is not yet generating revenue
  • There is a product, but there is no product-market fit, it needs feedback.
  • There is a product, it generates income and it aims to grow.
  • Able to make poc / pilot projects with institutions at the beginning or end of the program.

First-term graduating startups

  • Biriktir: It is a mobile application and platform that creates green-collar employees in companies and reports the impact online, with a gamification scheme designed to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Invamar: An initiative that develops human-oriented clothing that increases the accessibility of technology by developing a textile-based sensor that collects data on the skin.
  • Octopus: It is a SaaS software that allows you to design digital screens in all desired shapes, to create unlimited number of screen groups, to manage these screens from a single center, to work in integration with all smart devices with content management.
  • SegmentHub: It is a SaaS software that segments the movements of visitors to websites and mobile applications in terms of location, demographic and behavioral aspects, taking instant action and presenting the most appropriate offers to the visitors.
  • Ocalis: An initiative that produces wearable, industrial exoskeleton systems that prevent people working in physically repetitive jobs from being exposed to musculoskeletal diseases.
  • ServisSoft: It is a digital platform supported by artificial intelligence-based predictive analysis-maintenance and digital twin structure to increase asset and personnel efficiency in production, energy, facility management and maintenance operations.
  • Syntonym: It is a platform for organizations that process visual data, by anonymizing the data collected from the cameras in a lossless manner, enabling them to train AI/ML models and further data analysis in accordance with GDPR and its equivalent without the risk of sanctions.
  • Utilify: It is a software application that transforms customers’ interactions with brands into digital memories on the blockchain and enables brands to create a new generation loyalty program based on these memories.
  • Varsapp: It is a platform where you can rent products from people and brands, and earn money by renting out the items you have.
  • Walkers: It is a health & fitness application with gamification that provides the motivation for individuals to move more and step into a healthy life, while providing the opportunity to promote their partner companies, offering Loyalty as a Service and an alternative marketing channel.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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