Market Gains: This Week’s Investment Insights Across Instruments

This week, the stock market gained the most profit from investment instruments in Turkiye.

BIST 100 index in Borsa Istanbul completed the week at 9,915.62 points, gaining 2.29% in value. The index saw the lowest point of 9,645.02 and the highest point of 9,956.11 during the week.

During the same period, the Borsa Istanbul Financial Index gained 1.67% to reach 11,113.26 points, the Services Index rose by 3.60% to 9,130.40 points, the Industrial Index gained 1.65% to 14,516.60 points, and the Technology Index saw a 1.27% increase to 14,360.72 points.

Gold and dollar prices fell this week

The gram price of 24 carat gold bullion decreased by 2.64% to ₺2,436 last week, and the price of Republic gold coin decreased by 5.14% to ₺16634.

The selling price of the dollar decreased by 0.43% to ₺32.4470, and the selling price of the euro decreased by 0.35% to ₺34.7330.

The selling price of the British pound, which was ₺40.7170 last week, decreased by 0.01% to ₺40.7120 this week.

The Swiss franc found buyers at ₺35.4820, with a decrease of 0.86% compared to the previous week.

Source: Bloomberght / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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