10 sustainability-focused local startups presenting at Grow Up Stage

10 entrepreneurs who graduated from the Grow Up program, which aims to provide equal opportunities to disadvantaged groups, encourage diversity in the ecosystem and support a sustainable future, made a presentation at the stage event held at BTM’s Fulya Campus.

Within the scope of PEP – Promotion of Economic Opportunities Programme, financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ); The stage event of the Grow Up project, carried out in cooperation with the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) and the Information Commercialization Center (BTM), took place. At the event held at BTM Fulya Campus, 10 entrepreneurs who received support throughout the project made presentations.

In the first phase of the Grow Up project, which started its activities in November last year, there were 28 startups that had established their business model, while in the second phase, 56 women entrepreneurs at the idea stage were supported.

Stating that they have supported more than 8,500 entrepreneurs and more than 5 thousand initiatives to date, BTM General Manager Ibrahim Elbasi stated that with the Grow Up program, they aim to bring people working in the fields of agriculture, food and green transformation into the entrepreneurship ecosystem and to bring qualified enterprises in these fields together with the ecosystem.

10 startups presenting at Grow Up Stage

  • Mapla Biotechnology: It aims to produce bioplastics by using food waste and compost fertilizer production towards the Zero Waste target.
  • Packageman: As an online food ordering and delivery platform designed especially for foreigners and tourists, it offers a multilingual interface and improves the dining experience for Turkiye’s multicultural population with its wide range of payment options and superior customer service.
  • Yomio Drops: In the functional snack category, they are delicious snacks that aim to achieve a healthy life and proper nutrition habits, consist entirely of food ingredients, contain yoghurt, provide a long shelf life without using additives and support safe animal food consumption.
  • Aladdin Energy: The solar energy system stores thermal energy and saves energy for water heating, saving energy by 70%.
  • Orbiba Robotics: It is an agricultural technologies startup established to produce affordable robot platforms capable of data processing with artificial intelligence for every individual who wants to contribute to the field of clean agriculture. With this startup, it aims to support organic agriculture practitioners with a low carbon footprint by designing and developing low-cost and high-return-on-investment smart small robots using renewable energy, in order to solve the ever-increasing problem of access to safe food in the world.
  • NFS Functional Food: It is a food production initiative that offers specific health and age-appropriate solutions to consumers with special foods developed with advanced food technologies and functional ingredients obtained from natural resources.
  • DeliveTree: A startup to bring trees back to life and encourage community participation.
  • Agrovech: To offer a web-based decision support system to farmers by developing artificial intelligence-based software using satellite and drone images in agricultural lands to determine the harvest period, plant growth, yield prediction and other analyses.
  • Amenu: Offers free digital menu support for restaurants and kitchens.
  • Farmhood: By combining innovative food technologies and R&D studies, it produces innovative, delicious and sustainable foods by transforming agricultural products, processed foods and by-products.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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