Turkiye: Edirne hotel bookings surge ahead of spring festivities

The much-anticipated traditional spring festivals of Kakava and Hıdırellez in the western province of Edirne are attracting scores of people, with hotel occupancy already reaching 80 percent.

The upcoming festivities, recognized on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List and steeped in tradition and folklore, have become a focal point for locals and visitors alike, drawing crowds to the city.

As anticipation mounts, citizens don traditional attire, signaling the onset of the annual celebration known as the Spring Festival among the locals.

This year’s festivities, as every year, offer a unique cultural experience with drum beats and zurna melodies throughout the city.

Gökhan Balta, a representative of Edirne’s hoteliers, offered insights to those planning to visit the city during festivities and noted that occupancy rates for the week leading up reached 80 percent.

He emphasized that visitors should book early, cautioning against last-minute arrangements that could lead to accommodation shortages.

Balta underscored the significance of Kakava and Hıdırellez in Edirne’s cultural calendar, urging visitors to plan their stays accordingly to avoid disappointment. He added that, including sustenance,the experience could cost 3,000 to 4,000 Turkish Liras ($92 to $123) per person for two days.

Guests arriving for the festivities typically stay for two days, immersing themselves in cultural revelry such as the tossing of wishes into the river at dawn on May 6. This prolonged stay amplifies the demand for accommodations, with visitors also taking the opportunity to explore Edirne’s historical landmarks and tourist attractions, Balta said.

Can Pekbaş, a hotel manager, further emphasized the festival’s significance in drawing visitors from across the Balkans. “Hıdırellez and Kakava is usually associated with Edirne. Since it is an event celebrated by the entire Balkans, the city is in high demand,” he said.

Hasan Acıçalık, another hotel operator, noted that the demand for accommodations has surged compared to previous years, with the entire province now at full capacity.

Source: hurriyetdailynews

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