10 tons of dried vegetables and fruits were produced in the municipality’s facility in Sakarya in 3 months

10 tons of dried fruits and vegetables were produced in the facility, which was put into operation by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality in September.

According to the statement made by the municipality, the municipality continues to create alternative income sources for local producers.

Work continues on the Fruit and Vegetable Drying Facility, which was built by BELPAS on an area of 300 square meters within the Sakarya Commodity Exchange.

The facility, which started operating in September, produced 10 tons of dried fruits and vegetables in 3 months.

Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yuce, who inspected the facility, stated that they continue to contribute to the city’s economy with the facility they implemented through BELPAS.

Yuce stated that in addition to the tomatoes and strawberries produced at the Greenhouse Center of Excellence and Pamukova Strawberry Production Center, they dry products such as plums, grapes, dates, eggplants, apples and quinces at the facility.

Ekrem Yuce noted that they recently completed the production of aromatic medicinal plants and vegetable flours grown within SERA Inc. by taking them into the drying program.

Stating that the facility has the capacity to dry 3 thousand 500 kilograms of fresh fruits and vegetables per day, Yuce said, “We produce the products that are dried hygienically with the latest technological equipment ourselves or we buy them from citizens and subject them to the drying process. We carry out the goods acceptance, washing, selection, sorting, slicing, drying oven and packaging processes in our facility and make them ready for sale.”

Yuce noted that they sell the products packaged at BELPAS points.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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