$2.5 million investment for modular electric guitar in Antalya OIZ

It has been reported that a $2.5 million modular electric guitar investment will be made in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ).

In the statement made by the OIZ, it was stated that the enterprising musicians Cem Koksal, Bayram Tekce and Bahtiyar Balci, who completed the R&D and patent processes of the world’s first modular electric guitar, started the establishment of a $2.5 million factory under the name of Shart Guitar in Antalya OIZ.

Cem Koksal, whose views are included in the statement, stated that the R&D process of the modular guitar started in Istanbul five years ago, and that they have reached the point where they can start mass production with the completion of the patent procedures.

Emphasizing that the guitar has 6 different patents, Koksal said, “We made our debut in April 2023 at The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), the world’s largest music show, organized by the National Association of Music Merchants in the United States, connecting the industry’s global music, audio and entertainment technology communities. Incredible attention was paid to our guitar. We just showed our patents and improvements.”

Cem Koksal, a musician who shared the stage with Joe Lynn Turner, who worked with world-famous bands such as Deep Purple, emphasized that the most important feature of the guitar they developed is that it is a modular guitar that can change the neck, body and pickups.

Bayram Tekce, who said that they preferred Antalya OIZ for production due to the advantages it has and provides, stated that they established their first workshop in Istanbul in 2018.

Emphasizing that they registered the Shark brand in the countries where the guitar is famous and in Europe, Tekce said, “Assembling and disassembling a guitar is a technical job and must be done by a master. In our products, you can disassemble and install it yourself in a few seconds with special connection systems. We aim to complete the installation of the factory within the next 6 months, and to switch to fully automatic production within 8 months and to produce 100 guitars per month.”

Those who want to buy a guitar first go to the company’s website and design and order the guitar with the features they want through the 3D simulator. If you want to upgrade the feature or give it a different look after purchasing the guitar, the part to be replaced can be ordered from the website and mounted on the guitar easily.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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